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To register your interest in joining Snapshot's Location Agency, first we just need to see photographs of your space.


It is vital that you include a good selection of both interiors and exteriors so that we can accurately assess the possibilities within the location for our clients and the brands we work with.

Please take a few moments to submit your application by clicking on the WeTransfer link below. Once on the page, please add your images by clicking the upload files button and input our email - Before you hit the transfer button, be sure to include a description of your property as well as where it's located. Photographs don’t have to be professional, but they must be clear enough to show the space and style of your property where possible. Smart phone images are fine at this stage.


For the best chance of success to be registered with Snapshot Location Agency, please be as detailed as possible with the information you provide.
Once received, your application will be reviewed and considered by our registrations team who will then contact you with a decision.

Successful locations will be provided with our terms and conditions of representation and further information. This will also be a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. Once registered with your images up & running on our website; we will represent you as your Location Agent, actively marketing your property for location hire in London & the UK to our exclusive client base.


  • Why choose Snapshot Locations?
    We take pride in our locations and service. We always ensure our portfolio stays manageable so that our clients and owners alike encounter a very personal experience; where every need is catered too. Plus we’re super friendly and approachable - always helps! No problem too big, no question too silly - that’s what we’re here for!
  • What do we do as a Location Agency on your behalf?
    We take and promote pictures of your property to market on our website. We take care of all the boring admin and paperwork involved in shoots. We ensure all clients have the proper insurance in place before arriving to shoot at your home. And finally we negotiate all location hire fees and take care of the invoicing.
  • Why should I consider making my property a shoot location for hire?
    You could potentially earn a nice sum of extra income by becoming a shoot location. For some of our owners this has now become their full time job! And of course it’s always nice to see your home in a TV commercial, or a magazine, even a feature film!
  • What makes a great shoot location?
    The simple answer is it’s a combination of things ranging from: Decor Furniture Room sizes Location Features Lighting The location owner Your home doesn’t have to be most grand property either, we love normal homes too! Basically we know it when we see it. So the best thing to do is to send us some images and we can decide if your property is right.
  • How do I register my property with Snapshot?
    Simply fill out the contact form and upload pictures of your property at the top of this page. If you have any issues you can send us your pictures via to If you’re really struggling you can just email us directly using the same email (we always think of you). It can take up to 10 working days for us to get back to you but we endeavour to reply as quickly as possible. We will get back to you either way whether it’s a Yay or Nay.
  • What’s it like being a shoot location?
    A lot of owners find it very rewarding, especially seeing the end product. While the monetary compensation is a huge advantage to hiring your home out for photoshoots and filming, it’s important to understand what this really means. You would need to be comfortable with having photoshoot/filming crews in your home, if you’re quite precious this job is not for you. A shoot can last a day or it can last multiple days so it can be quite disruptive if for example you’re WFH or have a young family.
  • What happens if there’s damage?
    The majority of the clients and crews we work with are extremely respectful and have been working in the industry for a long while, but accidents can sometimes happen. The client will always be insured against damage or something getting broken and if it does occur this will be put right following the shoot; usually by way of compensation for repairs or the client hiring a professional to fix the damage on their behalf.
  • My property is not in London, should I still get in touch?"
    Of course! Thought most of our locations are London based, we represent locations all over the country so would love to see your images.
  • What types of clients do you work with?
    Our clients include a range of different companies from newspapers & magazines, PR companies and Ad agencies, retail brands, TV production companies and film companies.
  • Is there a registration fee?
    There are absolutely no upfront fees if we decide to take you onto our roster. If we decide your property is suitable and chosen to be represented by us, we charge a registration fee of £200 to join the agency. This fee is not charged upfront, however is deducted from your first job/booking. If you do not get a confirmed booking whilst on our roster then you are not required to pay it. If you provide us with your own professionally shot images that you own the rights too, and then the registration will be reduced to £75.
  • Do you take commission?
    Snapshot takes 20% commission from the location hire fee and charges a booking fee to the client. We negotiate the location hire fee to include our commission.
  • Do the owners receive overtime if the client runs over their agreed hours?
    Of course! Overtime is charged at 20% of the day rate paid per hour.
  • How does the Photographic/Film/TV shoot process work?
    We will of course explain in dept if we decide to represent you. In short if a location is of interest to a prospective client, the owner will be contacted to discuss availability and hire fees. If happy & available, the owner will then put an option (a pencil) on the prospective shoot dates. If the shoot confirms (hooray!) the owner will be informed and will then receive a copy of the booking contract which will state the agreed hours, rate, crew size etc. Then it’s up to you! The shoot day is the responsibility of the location owner. The owner needs to make sure the property is clean, tidy and as seen on the images on our website. Teas & coffees are usually provided by location owners. Then simply the client needs to be let in/welcomed and then left to get on with their job.
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